Get consistent oligos
using our
quality tested
Synthesis Consumables

Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc. offers a wide variety of synthesis consumables for
DNA RNA oligonucleotide / peptide synthesis and purification. Consumables are
designed to work out of the box with our Dr. Oligo line of DNA RNA synthesizers
and oligo processors. All consumables are supported with guarantee to work protocols.



Biolytic Lab Performance offers bottles and reservoirs in a variety of volumes for any reagent.

A wide range of bottles and reservoirs compatible with Dr. Oligo Synthesizers, Dr. Oligo Processor, ABI, Expedite, and other DNA RNA oligonucleotide synthesizers.

Sample Collection Plates


Collect DNA RNA oligonucleotide synthesis and purification products with our low retention sample collection plates.



Filters protect your synthesis reactions from unwanted particles.

For proper instrument functioning and maintenance, filters should be changed monthly or sooner if needed.

Molecular Traps


Molecular traps are designed to keep your synthesis reagents stable by removing unwanted moisture in water sensitive reagents.

Molecular traps are offered in a variety of sizes for reagent bottles ranging from 100 mL to 4000 mL.

Oligo Purification Cartridges


Purify your oligonucleotide synthesis products and eliminate impurities with our oligo purification cartridges.

Compatible with most liquid handlers that use 384-well plate oligo purification cartridges.



High quality column racks come in a variety of materials and sizes for all your pre-synthesis, synthesis, and post-synthesis needs. Synthesis Racks are typically used in oligo synthesizers and oligo purification.

Compatible with Biolytic’s Column Press, Dr. Oligo DNA RNA Synthesizers, Dr. Oligo Processor, and more.

Synthesis Columns


High quality synthesis columns contain universal controlled pore glass (CPG) frits at scales ranging from 5 nmol to 5 umol. For synthesizing oligos using a DNA RNA oligo synthesizer, or post-synthesis processes using Biolytic's Heated Pressure Chamber.

Compatible with our Dr. Oligo 48, Dr. Oligo 192XLc, and other oligo synthesizers that utilize synthesis columns for solid phase synthesis.

Synthesis Plates


High throughput format, 96-well and 384-well synthesis plates contain universal controlled pore glass (CPG) frits at scales ranging from 2 nmol to 1 umol. Synthesize, cleave, deprotect, purify, desalt, and elute directly on the synthesis plates.

Compatible with our Dr. Oligo 192XLc, Dr. Oligo 768XLc and other oligo synthesizers that utilize synthesis plates for solid phase synthesis.

Empty Columns


Empty Synthesis Columns allow you to fill your synthesis consumables with your choice of synthesis media.

Inspected For Quality, Ready For Synthesis

All synthesis consumables pass a rigorous quality control process to ensure efficient and consistent oligo production. Synthesis consumables are shipped with certificates certifying that they have been tested and meet or exceed all factory documented specifications and are ready for synthesis.

Documents We
Provide Include

+ Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

+ Non-Animal Origin Statements

+ Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

The Column Packing
QC Process


Flow rate of every column is checked and verified to be within specification before a column passes QC


Increases oligo quality and synthesis efficiency


Reduces synthesis failures and waste


All columns are lot tracked and come with a QC certificate


Can't find the right synthesis consumables for your application? Biolytic Lab Performance offers custom consumable options to fit your needs.

Standard Support with 3' Natural Amidite
Standard Support with 3' Non-Natural Amidite
Universal Support with Non-Natural Amidite
Custom Packed Columns with Biolytic Support or Customer Supplied Support
Column Parts for customers who want to pack their own columns

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