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Years of Experience

About Us

Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc. was founded in 1993 by four of the leading experts in the Biotechnology Instrument Service industry. Since then, we have established ourselves into a solid performer focusing on end-to-end oligo synthesis solutions, while expanding the scope to meet the growing demands and needs of Biotechnology labs worldwide.

We design, manufacture, and sell the most advanced DNA oligo synthesizers and RNA oligo synthesizers in the world. We continue to provide superior quality, innovative products, and esteemed services that push the limits of research and technology.

We're on a mission to provide you with the best tools to create quality oligos your way by offering end-to-end oligonucleotide synthesis solutions. From synthesis consumables, DNA synthesizers, RNA synthesizers, to post-synthesis accessories, services and maintenance, we've got you covered.

Our History


Biolytic established as a biotechnology
instrument servicing company


First university sale to UCLA


First international sale to Japan


First Dr. Oligo Synthesizer created


Dr. Oligo 96/192 created


Dr. Oligo 96e/192e created


Heated Pressure Chamber created


Dr. Oligo Processor created


Biolytic Column Press created


Biolytic 3900 created


Dr. Oligo Plate Synthesizer Platform 768XY
ultra-high throughput synthesizer created


Dr. Oligo 48 medium throughput
DNA RNA oligo synthesizer created


Dr. Oligo 768XLc ultra-high throughput
DNA RNA oligo synthesizer created


New updated Dr. Oligo 48 released


Dr. Oligo 192XLc high throughput
DNA RNA oligo synthesizer created


Controlled Flow Synthesis consumables released

Our Values

We strive to maintain an informal, stimulating, and positive
work environment to promote free flowing sharing of ideas


Continuous innovation is key to scientific breakthroughs. Our team embraces and drives change by being adventurous, creative, and open-minded in every aspect of our day. We pursue growth by learning from our challenges, from our customers, and from one another.

Building Community

Building community is at the core of our values. All of our greatest achievements are driven by our passion and duty to be a contributing member of our team, local community, as well as the global scientific community. Building open and honest relationships with communication is the basis in which we support our colleagues, local businesses, schools, and companies world wide.


We strive to streamline our process in customer service, production, manufacturing, and synthesis. Our team is always finding ways to be smarter, faster, and more cost-efficient to provide customers more value. We use resources efficiently to minimize our carbon footprint and to provide customers with environmentally responsible products, packaging, and services.


We do what we love, and have fun while doing it! A positive, family spirit is the baseline of our day to day. Our team is passionate, determined, humble, and is ready to collaborate to tackle any challenge.

Our Headquarters

Our DNA RNA synthesizers and oligo synthesis accessories are
designed and manufactured in our headquarters in Fremont, CA


5680 Stewart Avenue
Fremont, California 94538

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