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Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc. is proud to introduce the Dr. Oligo 192c – our latest high throughput oligo synthesizer. Now restructured with all the same principles that helped us become the industry's gold standard, the 192c is a faster, more compact model that can adapt to fit the various needs of our customers. This instrument came to life through innovative ideas of quality improvement, upgraded features and cost-efficiency - all of which have allowed us to provide Biolytic’s proven reliability at a much more affordable price. The Dr. Oligo 192c is truly an advancement in high throughput oligo synthesis.

Science Applications
Customers all over the world use nucleic acids produced by our Dr. Oligo synthesizers for their own unique purposes. From applications like oligonucleotide and gene synthesis, genetic test kits, PCR/RT-PCR, siRNA/RNAi, miRNA, CRISPR Cas9, and DNA/RNA sequencing - to broader areas like evolutionary history, forensics, immunotherapy, diagnostic and therapeutic research – to high-throughput screening, natural product biosynthesis, reverse transcription PCP, hybridization, and SNPS – the variety is tremendous. Recently some have even endeavored into using nucleic acids as computer information storage devices, storing animated videos in DNA. The Dr. Oligo line has evolved alongside these cutting-edge discoveries, and with the 192c it will continue to play a significant role in modern science.

"All the benefits of the original, and much more, at a lower cost."

Reduced Footprint
The Dr. Oligo 192c has been reduced in volume by more than 40% from the original 192.* While still maintaining the highest quality and reliability, the 192c will take up just a fraction of the space in your lab.

Our Dr. Oligo 192c base model is compatible with up to 10 reagents - 4 standard and up to 6 additional reagents of any combination of the following: specials, second oxidation, double deblock or double wash. The open-frame structure of this instrument provides many opportunities for customization, supporting increased reagent counts and throughput.

Dr. Oligo - DNA  Synthesizer
Secure Bottle Containment

Secure Bottle Containment System
A new bottle containment system protects the instrument and its users against spills and breakage. Now located behind a transparent door, your bottles are safely isolated. In the event of breakage, our innovative sealed catch tray drains directly to waste to ensure the safety of the operator.

Maintenance is made simpler. Purge, drain and pneumatic plumbing is physically separate from the bottle system, enabling easy and individual access. This industry-leading design creates unparalleled efficiency and serviceability.

Certified Training
As with all of our instruments, Biolytic Certified Instrument Training (CIT) is available for the Dr. Oligo 192c. Upon successful completion of the certificate program, recipients will be able to understand the function of the instrument, how to operate it, and how to perform basic troubleshooting. This training, coupled with the 192c’s simple maintenance, will decrease total operation costs for the 192c. Please contact our sales department for more information and restrictions on this optional program.

Driverless Biolytic Control Boards
The debut of the Dr. Oligo 192c is also the introduction of new Driverless Biolytic Control Boards. Our control boards consist of 32 outputs and 8 inputs, designed by Biolytic specifically for the Dr. Oligo synthesizer line. They ensure proper dispensing of as little as 2ul** and are complete with an antistatic & shockproof design, on-board timing, valve short protection, and real-time monitoring of valve electrical integrity.
  • Antistatic – Ensures Boards are not affected by static electricity that can build up and disrupt delivery.
  • Shockproof – Controls movement of the instrument, making sure the delivery of reagents is not affected during synthesis.
  • On-board timing - Guarantees reliability by executing the exact timing required by delivery.
  • Valve short protection - If a valve shorts electrically, the board shuts down that driver and protects itself, thus eliminating the need to replace a board.
  • Real-time valve monitoring - Just prior to and during synthesis, the control boards monitor electrical integrity of all instrument valves. If any valve is in poor condition, the run will immediately pause and allow an operator to resolve the issue.

Dr. Oligo - DNA  Synthesizer
Biolytic Boards

Improved Software
The 192c software has faster loading times, updated user interface, advanced security, and a new Hardware Monitoring System.

  • Security and Encryption – The software offers encrypted communication, which increases system uptime and improves the overall quality of each synthesis.
  • Hardware Monitoring System – This new feature keeps operators updated on the status of instrument hardware, including the Biolytic Boards and motor. The system works in conjunction with our control boards to prompt users to take action in the event of hardware failure.
Dr. Oligo - DNA  Synthesizer
Side-by-side Windows

Ease of Use
Side-by-side Slider Plate Windows: The Dr. Oligo 192c nozzle plate windows are now located side-by-side, a reconfiguration that allows users to oversee both reaction plates at the same time.

LED Bottle Backlighting: We have also added chemically safe LED backlighting to the bottle compartment, which makes monitoring reagent levels more convenient and ensures that the instrument is always prepared for synthesis.

Increased Efficiency

Our original 192 model came with a manual washing system and an additional automated wash option. The 192c redefines that standard by including automatic nozzle washing with every instrument.

The reagent delivery system is now made with smaller valves and fills with less volume, thus cutting down unnecessary costs by reducing waste and allowing for faster, more consistent response times.

The Gold Standard
Backed by Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc.’s 25 years of experience in reliable and efficient oligo synthesizers, these instruments are strategically constructed to optimize high quality and cost-efficiency, making the Dr. Oligo 192c exceptional and affordable.

* Excludes the slider plate
** Actual minimal controlled dispense volume consists of the Biolytic Board V1 and appropriate reagent delivery system.


  • Oligos synthesized in one run 1 - 192
  • Synthesis Scales 5 nmol to 3 µmol
  • Flow Control Positive Pressure
  • Synthesis Capabilities DNA, RNA, 2' OMethyl, LNA
  • Amidite Delivery Systems Up to 10 (4 standard)
  • Special Amidite Delivery Systems Up to 6
  • Dispense Nozzles Per Reagent 8 or 16
  • Gas Inputs 1) Bottle Blanketing
    2) Purge/Drain & Pneumatics
  • Pneumatics Requires 90-120 PSI
  • User Control Computer with latest Windows Operating System
  • Power 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1,000 VA
  • Maximum Relative Humidity 60%
  • Size in Inches (L x W x H) 56.7 x 17.4 x 28.8
  • Made in the U.S.A. Fremont, CA

  • Additional Wash Bottles Available
  • Additional Deblock Bottles Available
  • View Synthesis Information Any Time During Synthesis
  • Start Synthesis from Any Point
  • Powerful Protocol Editor
  • Manual Mode Auto Clean of Nozzles
  • Flexible Loading of Oligos onto Plate(s)
  • Vary Protocol Based on Cycle
  • Map Amidites
  • Intelligent Auto Reprime of Amidite Nozzles
  • Wash and Purge System
  • Easy Trityl Collection