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The new Dr. Oligo 48

Since 2015, Biolytic Lab Performance’s Dr. Oligo 48 has been one of the industry‘s top performing medium throughput oligo synthesizer on the market. We are proud to introduce the new Dr. Oligo 48, our latest innovation in medium throughput oligo synthesis.

Now with more reagent capability than ever before - a record high of 42 total reagents (4 base amidites, 6 standard synthesis reagents and up to 32 special amidites) - the new Dr. Oligo 48 will expand the limits of your molecule synthesis and experimental potential.

Science Applications

For over 25 years, laboratories all over the world have been using nucleic acids produced by our Dr. Oligo synthesizers for their own exciting applications. Many of our customers are focused on diagnostic and therapeutic applications for various viruses, diseases and conditions where DNA and RNA are a critical piece of their overall products and services. Such applications include gene synthesis, genetic diagnostic test kits, PCR/RT-PCR, siRNA,/RNAi, miRNA, CRISPR Cas9, anti-sense treatments and DNA/RNA sequencing - to broader areas like evolutionary history, forensics, immunotherapy, diagnostic and therapeutic research - to high-throughput screening, modified oligos, mixed backbones, LNAs, and the visual detection of virus RNA such as COVID-19 following RT-LAMP amplification with DNA primers.

The new Dr. Oligo 48 increases the number of specials from 18 to a maximum of 32, potentially adding large degrees of complexities in the sequences to be synthesized in a single run. The new Dr. Oligo 48 can be used to synthesize DNA, RNA, LNA, morpholino oligos, chimeric oligos, 2-'Omethyl RNA, phosphorothioate oligos, bridge nucleic acids (BNA), antisense oligos, threose nucleic acids (TNA), glycol nucleic acids (GNA), XNA molecules and various other mixed oligos.

More Reagent Capability Than Ever Before


Maximum Reagent Capability

You asked, and we listened. The new Dr. Oligo 48 is our response to those that need more specials and more adaptability in their workflow. The refreshed medium throughput oligo synthesizer now automatically optimizes chemistry steps for backbone modifications, allowing for the inclusion of more non-standard bases and molecule modifications.

Biolytic founder and CEO, Tom Demmitt, shared that this new instrument “Will accomodate many Biopharmaceutical users who develop and screen new diagnostic and therapeutic tools”, as this industry works primarily with non-standard bases.

Configured Your Way

Dr. Oligo synthesizers are built with users in mind. We aim to provide products that suit your unique specifications. The Dr. Oligo 48 offers highly customizable reagent configurations for your laboratory needs.

Configure the instrument your way with options ranging from double amidite dispensing, to a 14 reagent add-on for an impressive total of 42 possible reagents. We are happy to collaborate with you to modify the instrument to meet your specific requirements, down to the bottle.

Security & Encryption

The new Biolytic board offers security and encryption, keeping communication in-house and increasing system uptime.

Hardware Monitoring System

This new monitoring system works in conjunction with our control boards to prompt users to take action in event of hardware failure.

Reagent Volume Tracking

A new volume tracking feature will alert you when reagent levels get low, preventing inconvenient synthesis delays.

Intuitive Software

The Dr. Oligo 48 comes installed with our most advanced software yet. With our new specialized Biolytic control board model, operators are now able to remap reagents using an intuitive user interface.

Additionally, in an industry first, we have enabled users the option to change the order of capping and oxidation, and to specify repetitions of each chemistry step per base character.

Speed & Efficiency

We have developed a more efficient way to dispense reagents using our new custom Biolytic dispensing valves, designed specifically for our Dr. Oligo line with smaller volume, reduced waste, and faster consistent response time to streamline your oligo synthesis process.

The delivering algorithm has been improved to quickly dispense reagents into columns with an accuracy down to 2uL.* With a standard cycle time of just 5 minutes, this medium throughput instrument is ideal for research and development, to small scale production.**

Driverless Biolytic Control Boards

Our Control boards consist of 32 outputs and 8 inputs, designed specifically for the Dr. Oligo synthesizer line. They are complete with antistatic & shockproof design, on-board timing, valve short protection, and real-time monitoring of valve electrical integrity.


Ensures boards are not affected by static electricity that can build up and disrupt delivery


Controls movement of the instrument, making sure the delivery of reagents is not affected during synthesis

On-board timing

Guarantees reliability by executing the exact timing required by delivery

Valve short protection

If a valve shorts electrically, the board shuts down that driver and protects itself, thus eliminating the need to replace a board.

Real-time valve monitoring

Just prior to and during synthesis, the control boards monitor electrical integrity of all instrument valves. If any valve is in poor condition, the run will immediately pause and allow an operator to resolve the issue


Have a question about instrument set up? Need advice on designing your next molecule? Biolytic is here to help you every step of the way. Have your choice of Biolytic service plans to utilize hands-on field service and remote technical support. Ranging from full service, preventative maintenance, low-use and more - we are happy to provide you with all the support you may need to get your instrument installed and running smoothly.

Certified Training

As with all of our instruments, Biolytic Certified Instrument Training (CIT) is available for the Dr. Oligo 48. Upon successful completion of the certificate program, recipients will be able to understand the function of the instrument, how to operate it, and how to perform basic troubleshooting. Please contact our sales department for more information and restrictions on this optional program.

The Gold Standard

Backed by Biolytic Lab Performance Inc.’s 25 years of experience in reliable and efficient oligo synthesizers, our instruments are strategically constructed to optimize high quality and cost-efficiency. The new Dr. Oligo 48 continues this mission by providing all enhancements and improvements at an affordable price.

* Actual minimal controlled dispense volume consists of the custom Biolytic dispense valves, Biolytic Board V1, and appropriate reagent delivery system
** Standard cycle of 5 minutes was tested using single dispense, at a scale of 200 nmol, using oligos of 36-42mer length


  • Oligos synthesized in one run 1 - 48
  • Synthesis Scales 10 nmol to 5 umol
  • Synthesis Capability DNA, RNA, LNA, 2'-Modified RNA, Mixed Backbones DNA and RNA
  • Flow Control Positive Pressure
  • Special Amidite Delivery Systems Up to 32
  • Standard Amidite Delivery Systems 10 (A, C, T, G, 6 standard reagents)
  • Dispense Nozzles Per Reagent 2 Standard, 4 Wash
  • Working Dimensions (W x D x H) 27.25" x 22.50" x 34.69"
    (approximate measurements for base configuration)
  • Compact Dimensions (W x D x H) 27.25" x 22.50" x 25.69"
    (approximate measurements for base configuration)
  • Gas Inputs 1) Bottle Blanketing
    2) Purge/Drain and Pneumatics
  • Pneumatics Requires 90-120 PSI
  • User Control PC with latest Windows Operating System
  • Maximum Relative Humidity 60%
  • Power 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1,000 VA
  • Made in the U.S.A. Fremont, CA
  • Certification CE

  • Additional Wash Bottles Available
  • Additional Deblock Bottles Available
  • Additional 14 Reagent Add-on Available
  • Fully Customizable Reagent Configuration
  • Map Amidites
  • Powerful Protocol Editor
  • Flexible Loading of Oligos Onto System
  • Intelligent Auto Re-Prime Of Amidite Nozzles
  • View Synthesis Information Any Time During Synthesis
  • Start Synthesis From Any Point
  • Vary Protocol Based On Cycle
  • Base Character Driven Chemistry
  • Multiple Protocols In The Same Run
  • Superior Performance
  • Zero Reverse Flow Contamination
  • Custom Biolytic Valves
  • Hardware Monitoring System
  • Custom Biolytic Developed Software And Hardware
  • Over 25 years Of Industry Experience