Built on the highly successful and proven Dr. Oligo 48 platform


Now Optimized for
Low Throughput Applications

Introducing the Dr. Oligo 12

The Dr. Oligo 12 is our latest addition to join the Dr. Oligo line of DNA RNA oligonucleotide synthesizers. Synthesize one, two, or any number of oligos up to twelve in a single run using up to 42 reagents, with the newest low throughput oligo synthesizer.

Built on the highly successful Dr. Oligo 48 system, the Dr. Oligo 12 gets the latest hardware and software features of a medium throughput oligo synthesizer at a reduced price point.

Feature Highlights

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Built on a Proven Platform

The same high-quality hardware and powerful software found in our best selling Dr. Oligo 48 system, now optimized for low-throughput applications.

The Dr. Oligo 12 shares the same rotor and column based synthesis mechanics as it's medium throughput counter-part, with a single bank of 12 positions.


Oligo House Synthesis Capabilities
in Your Research Laboratory


The Dr. Oligo 12's maximum of 42 reagent positions (4 base amidites, 6 standard reagents, and up to 32 special reagents) allows you to synthesize a large range of molecules, from simple short oligos, to long complex molecules with ease.

Highly Configurable

Using our intuitive software, easily assign reagent positions with your reagent of choice, including dyes, modified bases, and more. Use as many or as few reagents as you need to synthesize 1 to 12 oligos at any length.

A Cost-Effective, Modern Solution

Ditch the old hardware and future-proof your oligo synthesis workflow. The Dr. Oligo 12 is the modern solution to your low-throughput oligo synthesis needs. Upgrading to the Dr. Oligo 12 guarantees fast service turn-around, in stock replacement parts, and continuous upgrades and support for hardware and software.

Expansive Reagent Capability, more complex oligos possible

Modern software and hardware with continuous feature updates

Fast service turn-around

In-stock replacement parts

Readily available technical support

Limited reagent capability

Obsolete replacement parts

Limited technical support

Quality Oligos,

Reproducible Results

Using the Dr. Oligo 12 in your laboratory results in consistently quality oligos with reproducible results.

Every Dr. Oligo 12 is built and shipped to the highest standards, and comes packed with features that ensure high quality oligos from the first synthesis.

Live Updates

During synthesis, software monitoring features display live updates on the health of your synthesis run.

Comparative Performance

The Dr. Oligo 12 has been rigorously tested and experimentally shown to successfully produce high quality oligos with performance comparative to the Dr. Oligo 48

Ensured Success

Complete, guaranteed to work, and experimentally tested protocols come with the instrument to ensure high quality oligos from the first synthesis.

Pair your Dr. Oligo 12 with our quality tested consumables. See our selection of consumables here.

Certified Quality

Before arriving to your laboratory, each Dr. Oligo 12 is individually inspected, and passes an extensive QC test. A quality certificate is shipped with the Dr. Oligo 12, ensuring your new instrument performs to the highest standards.

Learn more about our qualification services including IQ, OQ, PM, CE, UL, and more here.

Easy Verification

The Dr. Oligo 12 allows for real-time analysis of trityl during synthesis. Simply pause the synthesis during deblock step to manually observe the synthesis media.

Software Features

All the powerful features you need for full custom oligos.
using an intuitive interface easy enough for everyday use

Hardware Mapping

Simple hardware mapping allows use of up to 42 reagents. Easily map a reagent to a label that can be added into your oligo sequence file

Protocol Editor

Use a protocol editor to drag and drop synthesis cycle steps to build your custom synthesis protocols


Inputs feature monitors status of critical systems to increase successful synthesis

Base Table

Customize your protocol even further using base table settings to define more chemistry steps to be used in your protocol

Oxidize and Cap Configurations

Define multiple configurations of oxidize and cap chemistry step behavior in the same protocol, including skipping the step depending on the active base, reagents used, reaction time, and iterations.

More Features

Security & Encryption

Full Manual Mode

Reagent Volume Tracking

Calibration Settings

Harware Monitoring System

and more


  • Oligos synthesized in one run 1 - 12
  • Synthesis Scales 10 nmol to 5 umol*
  • Synthesis Capability DNA, RNA, LNA, 2'-Modified RNA, Mixed Backbones DNA and RNA
  • Flow Control Positive Pressure
  • Special Amidite Delivery Systems Up to 32
  • Standard Amidite Delivery Systems 10 (A, C, T, G, 6 standard reagents)
  • Dispense Nozzles Per Reagent 2 Standard, 4 Wash
  • Working Dimensions (W x D x H) 27.25" x 22.50" x 34.69"
    (approximate measurements for base configuration)
  • Compact Dimensions (W x D x H) 27.25" x 22.50" x 25.69"
    (approximate measurements for base configuration)
  • Gas Inputs 1) Bottle Blanketing
    2) Purge/Drain and Pneumatics
  • Pneumatics Requires 90-120 PSI
  • User Control PC with latest Windows Operating System
  • Maximum Relative Humidity 60%
  • Power 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1,000 VA
  • Made in the U.S.A. Fremont, CA
  • Certification CE

  • Additional Wash Bottles Available
  • Additional Deblock Bottles Available
  • Additional 14 Reagent Add-on Available
  • Fully Customizable Reagent Configuration
  • Map Amidites
  • Powerful Protocol Editor
  • Flexible Loading of Oligos Onto System
  • Intelligent Auto Re-Prime Of Amidite Nozzles
  • View Synthesis Information Any Time During Synthesis
  • Start Synthesis From Any Point
  • Vary Protocol Based On Cycle
  • Base Character Driven Chemistry
  • Superior Performance
  • Zero Reverse Flow Contamination
  • Custom Biolytic Valves
  • Hardware Monitoring System
  • Custom Biolytic Developed Software And Hardware
  • Over 30 years Of Industry Experience