Dr. Oligo Processor Fully Automated

Dr. Oligo Processor Fully Automated
Dr. Oligo Processor Fully Automated

Dr. Oligo Processor Fully Automated
Part Number: 404-103181

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The Dr. Oligo Processor reliably automates downstream processing (cartridge-based desalting or purification) to minimize cross-contamination, and can also be set up for automated extraction of any solid supports (Solid Phase Extraction.) The automation transfers crude oligos from your reaction vessels and performs all chromatography steps, as well as on-column detritylation. An identical process from one oligo to the next and one run to the next will consistently produce higher recovery yields. This instrument can be used with Glen Research, Biosearch, Phusa Chem, Varian and many other commercial suppliers of OPC cartridges. The Biolytic Dr. Oligo Processor is built to the highest quality standards, are easy-to-operate, and can dispense up to 8 reagents in a 96 well plate format.

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  • Oligos purified in one run: 96
  • Flow Control: Positive Pressure
  • Number of reagent delivery systems: Up to 8
  • Automatic transfer of oligos to the reaction chamber: Yes
  • Total Number of independent gas inputs *: 3 *Bottle blanketing, Purge/Drain, Pneumatics
  • Integration with Lab's Management System: Available upon request, request a quote
  • View purification Information at any time during purification process: Yes
  • Easy Protocol Construction: Yes
  • Manual Mode Auto Clean of Nozzles: Yes
  • OPC cartridges supported: Glen Research, PhusaChem, Custom
  • Dimensions: Standard: 24"L x 31"W x 27"H
  • Weight: 115lbs / 52.16kg
  • Power: 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1,000 VA
  • Feature
  • High Efficiency
    Low reagent and gas consumption reducing operating costs.
  • Designed Specifically for Automated Downstream Processing
    Cleave, Deprotect, Desalt, Elute and perform OPC, all on one instrument that is designed from the ground-up to perform these tasks efficiently
  • Reagents delivered through a unique 96 port distribution manifold designed by Biolytic
    Efficient reagent delivery system reduces operating costs
  • Option of Automated or Semi-Automated Sample Transfer
    Fully automated version performs all of the chemistry as well as transferring the oligos to the reaction columns. Semi-Automated version performs all of the chemistry steps but oligos must be applied manually with a pipette to reaction column.

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