Transfer Station

Liquid Transfer from a 96 Well Plate to Screw Cap Vials

  • Transfer Liquids Easily and Accurately
  • Eliminates Transfer Translation Errors
  • Prevents Cross Contamination between Vials

Transfer Station

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Transferring liquid from a 96 well plate to 96 individual vials currently involves either an expensive robotic system or the manual method of using a pipette (multi-channel with adjustable centers or single channel). In either case it is time consuming and prone to translation errors.

Our product was developed to solve both of these issues. A simple and low tech solution that uses positive pressure to move fluids (oligos, peptides or other samples in liquid) from a 96 well plate format to 96 screw cap vials quickly and easily without translation errors.

Compatible with standard screw cap vials that fit into a standard 8 x 12 rack with 13 mm x 16 mm centers. Can also be custom modified to fit any vial spacing.



  • Utilizes gas pressure to transfer liquid easily between well plates and vials
  • Eliminates transfer translation errors
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Saves time over manually pipetting
  • Easily cleaned between transfers to eliminate carryover
  • Height adjustable platform with spring tensioner to accomodate different size well plates and vials
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Custom modification to fit many popular screw cap vials



Transfer Station - Height Adjustable Platform Transfer Station - Height Adjustable Platform Transfer Station - Height Adjustable Platform Transfer Station - Delivery System Transfer Station - Screw Cap Vials Transfer Station - Cleaning Transfer Station - Cleaning Transfer Station - Cleaning



Transfer From:

96 Well Plates or Tubes in a Microtiter Plate Format

Transfer To:

96 Screw Cap Vials

8 x 12 Format

13mm x 16mm centers

Gas Pressure:

Requires 20 psi (0.138 Mpa) to 30 psi (0.207Mpa)


Made in the U.S.A.


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